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The Municipality of Skagway Recreation Center is a fully furnished community fitness facility for all ages with the primary purpose of bringing people together in a positive, fun environment by offering a wide range of activities, events and classes.


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Minor Facility Use Request Form

  1. Users must come prepared to exercise wearing exercise clothing and must bring indoor gym shoes to change into.  All outdoor shoes and coats must be left in the Arctic Entry. 
  2. Users must must check in at the front desk and take their temperature prior to entering facility.
  3. Users must actively strive to maintain social distancing.  Specifically, this is defined as maintaining a min. 6ft distance while moving to and from equipment and when entering or exiting the facility.
  4. A cloth/surgical mask must be worn at all times inside the facility when unable to maintain a min. 6ft distance from others.
  5. Open gym is limited to 2 hours per visit.   You must reserve open gym space using Sign Up Schedule. 
  6. Sign up is not required for cardio, weights and climbing wall.  It is recommended for group fitness classes or you need to come early to set up your space.
  7. Pandemic User Fee: $2 per day or Monthly Memberships:  $25 Individual  $45 Family  $10  Open Gym/Half Court
  8. Users must sanitize hands and wipe down equipment with disinfectant and clean towels provided for this purpose before and after use. 
  9. Users must bring their own workout towels and yoga mat/props.     A workout towel is mandatory while using cardio and weight rooms.

Children and Senior Membership Scholarship Program

In an effort to provide the benefits of recreation to everyone in our community, the Skagway Recreation Center has created a scholarship program for children under the age of 18 and senior citizens age 65 and over. Scholarship Application Form

Membership Agreement

Membership Fee Structure