Daily  Guest Pass: $5.00

Weekly Guest Pass: $15.00

1 Month: $40.00 (includes Mom and Me)

3 Months: $105.00

6 Months: $165.00

1 Year: $250.00

Family (includes dependents of parent or guardian under the age of 21 living within the same household only)

Daily: $10.00

Weekly: $30.00

1 Month: $80.00

3 Months: $210.00

6 Months: $330.00

1 Year: $500.00

Mom & Me (under 5 years old)

Daily: $5.00

Weekly: $10.00

1 Month: $20.00

Senior Citizen’s (over 65 years old)

Daily: $5.00

Weekly: $10.00

1 Month: $20.00

3 Months: $45.00

6 Months: $80.00

1 Year: $120.00

Large Locker Rentals

1 Month: $20.00

3 Months: $45.00

6 Months: $60.00

1 Year: $100.00

Small Locker Rentals

1 Month: $10.00

3 Months: $20.00

6 Months: $30.00

1 Year: $50.00

Gym Rentals

$25.00 /hour

Room Rentals &/or Gym Rental for Special Events i.e. for Profit/Private Events, Birthday Parties, Family Reunions, Business Meetings, Funeral Services etc. Groups are responsible for cleaning the rooms after use. Arrangements must be made with SRC staff prior to any event. All rentals after hours will require a contract signed by the City of Skagway & the Rental party. The Director & the SRC Advisory Board reserve the right to waive fees for non-profit civic/community use.

Rock Climbing Fees

Belay Check fee (mandatory check for any person belaying at the SRC, no exceptions): $5.00
Non Members: $5.00 Equipment Rental fee. Includes harness, gri-gri or atc, climbing shoes, and chalk bag.
Members of the facility have access to all equipment upon availability.

Outside Ball/Gear Rentals

Non Members: $10.00 rental fee 5.00 will be given back to you upon the ball return.

Members of the facility are exempt from paying the $10.00 fee, however must leave collateral of some kind, which will be returned when the ball is retrieved.

Skate Park Rentals

Other rentals include bike helmets, wrist guards, elbow & kneepads. Members can use bike helmets only at no cost, upon leaving collateral; to be returned.