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Recreation Grant Application

SRC JUNE Fitness Challenge

1. Yoga or Pilates 2x week (8/month)         

2. Loop De Loop 2x week (8/month)         

3. Sturgill’s Landing 2x or Upper Lake 1x

June 2021 Challenge Entry Form

Mural Art Positive Graffiti 2021

Mural Art 2021 Application

The Municipality of Skagway is once again funding a Mural Art Positive Graffiti Program for 2021.   Applications are being accepted through May 31, 2021 and will be awarded by the Recreation Board on June 9, 2021.   Accepted applicants will be notified by the Recreation Director no later than Friday, June 11.   Selected artists will have 12 weeks to complete their mural.  Deadline for mural completion including protective sealant is Saturday, September 4.   Half panels are being awarded in the amount of $500.   Artists may apply for 2- half panels to make a full panel for $1,000.     TWO Artists may work together to create one large mural NOT TO EXCEED 4 -half panels.   LIMIT IS 2 HALF PANELS (1 FULL PANEL) PER ARTIST.


  1. Program is open to all ages.
  2. Preference will be given to new artists.
  3. Application must be turned in no later than May 31.
  4. Applicants must fill out separate applications for each design being submitted.
  5. Program is for residents of Skagway only.
  6. Murals must be completed – including protective sealant- no later than September 4.
  7. Artist must supply their own paint and materials.
  8. Skagway Recreation Center will supply the protective sealant artists are required to use to finish their mural.
  9. Artists are responsible for cleaning up after each workday.
  10. Application selection will be based on the following criteria:
    1. The overall quality of the application itself.
    2. The overall quality of the design itself.
    3. Is the design appropriate for Skagway, Alaska?
    4. Is the design engaging to the community and visitors of Skagway, Alaska?
    5. Does the design positively represent the community of Skagway, Alaska?
  11. Artists must contact Katherine Nelson directly at k.nelson@skagway.org  to set up a time to view the completed mural prior to receiving payment.
  12. Incomplete murals will not receive payment.

Applications are available online at www.skagwayrecreation.org.  All applications must be in a sealed 9×12 envelope and either dropped off in person or mailed to SRC,  PO Box 868, Skagway, AK 99840.