Please note that not all of these classes are currently offered at the Skagway Recreation Center

Acro Yoga Jam: Playful practice that combines acrobatics and yoga.  This is an unstructured class to work on things you would like to improve on or trade Thai Yoga Massage.  More experienced people give beginners safety tips, advice, and skills to work on.  No partner needed.  Open mind necessary!  

Barre:  A ballet inspired total body workout that lifts your seat, tones your thighs, abs, and arms and burns fat.

Back/Hip/Roll Yoga: Therapeutic style asana practice to support a healthy back and hip region followed by myofascial release work.

Chair Based Fitness: Chair based resistance training program for the entire body. Great for beginners too!

FLEX: Resistance training using barbells, dumbells, and stability balls. Participants must show up a few minutes early to set up their weights in group fitness room prior to class start time.

Gentle Flow: Gentle flow type practice ending in restorative poses.

Hatha Flow:  A moderate paced practice that encompasses all types of physical yoga with focus on breath and alignment.

Mat Pilates:  Basic and Intermediate mat work that uses a variety of props to tone the entire body and create a long, lean look.

Mat w. Pilatesstick:  Intermediate core based class using classical mat exercises and the Pilatesstick to create long, lean muscles. 

PUMP: Resistance training to music using barbells and dumbbells.

Restorative Yoga : Relax and renew practicing gentle yoga poses using various props to support the body. This class is not about feeling a stretch, it is about reducing stress and restoring mind/body balance.

Stretch-Roll: 30 min.  stretching session and foam roller work for myofascial release.

Spinning: Group cycling class that uses different energy zones for a fun low impact cardio workout. For those interested in spinning who haven’t attended classes before please plan on arriving 10-15 minutes early to set up and speak with your instructor.

Treadmill Training: All Level class for walkers, joggers, and runners. Great workout to increase your fitness levels using a treadmill.

TRX-HIIT:  High Intensity Interval Training using the TRX System and Cardio Intervals (jumping jacks, squat jumps, high knees, etc.) to burn fat and build strength.  This workout will get you the results you are look ing for in less time.  Lo-impact modifications will be offered.

Vinyasa Yoga:   Increase strength, flexibility and balance while reducing stress and tension with a conscious and highly energizing physical yoga practice.

Yin Yoga- Rejuvinate physically and mentally with a practice that is long, slow and deep.  This class allows for a deep release of connective tissue and unbalanced holding patterns.

Zumba : Latin inspired dance workout.

Yoga Class Ratings

Level 1 (L1):  Beginner Friendly– Practicing less than 1 year or practitioner is looking for a  class  that offers modifications for different body types.  Class strives to embrace all backgrounds.

Level 2 (L2):  Intermediate– Practicing at least 1-2 years.  Poses are intermediate and held longer.  Practitioner is expected to have a fundamental familiarity with basic postures as well as their body alignment and modify as needed.   Newer poses introduced.

Level 3 (L3): Advanced– Practicing more than 2 years with a deep understanding of breath and body alignment.  Poses are intermediate to advanced and can be very challenging in nature.

All Level (AL):  Great for beginners through advanced practitioners.     

Yoga: WEAR NON RESTRICTING CLOTHES for freedom of movement.
Aerobics: WEAR APPROPRIATE SHOES, Aerobics shoes recommended. (non-marking/scuffing)
Spinning: Bring a water bottle and a hand towel. Padded bike shorts, a heart rate monitor and stiff soled shoes are recommended.