Fitness Classes & Wellness Activities


Spinning: Group cycling class that uses different energy zones for a fun low impact cardio workout. For those interested in spinning who haven’t attended classes before please plan on arriving 10-15 minutes early to set up and speak with your instructor.

SPAT: Easygoing recovery ride with chatting included!



Stretch and Roll: 30 min.  Stretching session and foam roller work for myofascial release.



TRX-HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training using the TRX System and Cardio Intervals (jumping jacks, squat jumps, etc.) to burn fat and build strength.  This workout will get you the results you are looking for in less time.  Great for beginners, fitness enthusiasts, and those returning from injury.



Corefit: Your core is the powerhouse of your body and essential for daily activities, so make sure it’s strong and toned. This fitness class has a strong focus on hip flexors, abs, and lower back, with a combination of balance work. It is easily modified for both beginners and those that are more seasoned. It is up to you how hard you make it. You get what you give!


Strength Training Intervals: Get your heart pumping with this interval-based class. After a simple warmup, progress through various stations focusing on strength and endurance using light to moderate weights. Plenty of bodyweight exercises are offered as well. You will break a sweat with this one.



Back/Hip Yoga:  Foam Roller self-massage and Yoga postures to support a healthy spine and hip region. Accessible for all levels.


Gentle Yoga:  Foam roller self-massage and gentle yoga postures incorporating passive stretches for the whole body to reduce stress and tension and improve flexibility. Accessible for all levels.


Restorative Yoga: A deeply relaxing yoga practice, students lay in gentle yoga poses supported by props for between 2-20 minutes, we have nicknamed it “nap yoga” here at the Skagway Rec Center.  Restorative Yoga is not about stretching but is for pure relaxation and replenishment of the nervous system.


Hatha Yoga: Seated, laying, standing, and balancing poses, correct breathing emphasized, based on gaining flexibility and strength, beginner to intermediate level. Will end in one long-held restorative pose with props and Savasana (final resting pose).


Chair-Based Fitness: Chair based stretching & resistance training for the entire body.  A well-rounded workout for all ages!


Belay Classes and Certification: Learn how to and become certified to belay a climber at the SRC. You will learn how to tie the figure-8 and follow through knot, correctly thread an ATC device, belay a climber using PBUS technique, correct belay and climber language and safety checks. This certification allows you to belay a climber on the SRC climbing wall and lasts for a year.