Rules & Regulations

Rules of Conduct 

Skagway Recreation Center (SRC) is subsidized by the taxes of the Borough of Skagway. The SRC has the right to maintain its facility in a clean, pleasant and safe manner.  Every user of the facility should be able to use the SRC undisturbed. Every SRC employee has the right to work without undue interference. All SRC users and employees should be free of any threat of harm, invasion of property, or verbal or physical disrespect. To guarantee these rights for all persons, the following rules of conduct apply to behavior on the premises of all SRC property. It is impractical to address every behavioral situation that may occur in the SRC.  Staff has the responsibility to make decisions that are in the best interest of the SRC whenever the rules do not specifically cover certain situations.  The SRC hereby adopts the following Rules of Conduct as necessary for the comfort and safety of patrons, volunteers, and staff and for the protection of SRC property.

Denial of Services

In general, the SRC provides facilities and resources to promote health and fitness to the residents and visitors of Skagway.   The SRC staff reserve the right to refuse admission to any person(s).  Any activity not connected or compatible with these purposes is considered inappropriate. Persons disregarding these purposes are subject to removal from the building and/or revocation of their SRC privileges. For purposes of these Rules of Conduct, SRC staff includes SRC volunteers.

No person shall engage in any conduct that disturbs or interferes with patrons, volunteers, or employees of the SRC, including but not restricted to the following:

  1. Engage in any activity in violation of Federal, State, local or other applicable law, or SRC policy.
  2. Disruptive or attention-getting behavior.
  3. Use of harassing or bullying or abusive language.
  4. Inappropriate or unauthorized use of SRC equipment.
  5. Consumption of food or beverages, except in allocated areas.
  6. Gum, alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs on SRC property.
  7. Any condition resulting in disorientation, disruption or possible damage or harm to oneself or others.
  8. Possession of potentially harmful weapons as determined by SRC staff.
  9. Physical or verbal or sexual harassment of SRC staff or patrons.
  10. Unauthorized entry into STAFF ONLY areas.
  11. Loitering or panhandling.
  12. Soliciting to staff or patrons.
  13. Inappropriate attire.
  14. Neglecting to provide supervision of children.

SRC Staff reserves the right to make decisions in the best interest of SRC whenever the rules do not specifically cover certain situations.


Enforcement of the Rules of Conduct & General Rules and Regulations:

Anyone violating these rules is first warned by the SRC staff member on duty at the time of the offense and may in the discretion of the staff member be directed to leave the facility.  If the conduct continues the offender will be directed to leave the premises.  Staff members, at their discretion, will direct patrons to leave the premises without a warning in situations of serious, threatening, or willfully malicious behavior.  Failure to observe these rules may lead to a revocation of SRC privileges, including the right to visit the buildings and grounds.  Repeat offenders or persons ordered from the premises who do not comply may be subject to arrest and prosecution for trespassing. Anyone wishing to appeal his or her exclusion may submit an appeal in writing to the SRC Director.

General Rules and Regulations

  1. All activities and programs are AT THE INDIVIDUALS OWN RISK and at no time is staff responsible for any member of the facility.
  2. A valid membership or guest pass and a signed membership agreement/waiver is required prior to using the facility. Patrons under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign this agreement.   All patrons are required to sign in on the daily attendance sheet and scan in with their Skagway Recreation Center membership card to maintain consistency.  Day pass users do not receive a membership card to scan in, but must sign the attendance sheet.  Weekly users will receive a membership card with their expiration date.   Children’s membership cards will be kept in a special card box in and put out for kids to use during open gym and after school programming.
  3. All non-members must purchase a day pass or a one week guest pass to have access to the facility.
  4. The Skagway Recreation Center staff has authority in emergencies and authority regarding facility conduct and patron use of equipment. Failure to comply may result in suspension or termination of The Skagway Recreation Center privileges.
  5. Mature and respectful conduct is expected and required at all times. All patrons must comply with staff directives. Behavior that is viewed as being intentionally aggressive, hurtful, or disruptive is considered unacceptable and any patron or member may be immediately directed to leave the building.
  6. Alcohol, non-prescription drugs and tobacco products are not permitted. Persons suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave the premises immediately.
  7. Smoking is prohibited on all SRC property.
  8. Food and beverages are permitted only on the bleachers, in the multipurpose room and in the vending area. Water in closed plastic containers is permitted in all other areas of the facility.
  9. The Skagway Recreation Center (SRC) is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  10. All patrons must wear shirts, socks and appropriate gym shoes in all areas of the facility. (Exceptions may apply to certain group fitness classes). Sandals and flipflops are NOT permitted when using the equipment. OUTDOOR/DIRTY, OR WET SHOES ARE NOT PERMITED WHEN USING THE FACILITY.
  11. Children under the age of 10 must be supervised by an adult at all times when in the facility. Children aged 5 and above may participate in pre-programmed staff led activities and workshops without a parent/guardian, but a parent/guardian must be available to pick up if deemed necessary by staff.
  12. No one under the age of 18 is permitted to use the weight room and cardio floor without a waiver on file. Cardio & Weight Room Use Waivers must be signed for those under 18 by a parent/guardian and will be valid for one year from the date of submission. Anyone under the age of 14 shall NOT use the weight/cardio room equipment.
  13. Members and guests must be 14 and over and clear a safety check by SRC staff prior to using the auto belay device for the first time.
  14. All members and guests must be belay certified by SRC staff annually to belay on the climbing wall. Belay certification is available for members 14 and over. Members between the ages of 14 and 17 must be accompanied by an adult 18 or over to belay someone on the wall. Valid certification card must be present when belaying on the climbing wall – no exceptions.
  15. Children 13 and under must be accompanied by an actively supervising adult when using the auto belay system or bouldering. Bouldering past the second line is not permitted.
  16. All equipment must be neatly put away by patrons and members before exiting the facility.
  17. Skateboards, scooters, or any outdoor use equipment with wheels are not allowed inside the facility.
  18. Rough housing and bullying type behavior is not allowed. Staff has full discretion to determine whether the behavior constitutes rough housing or bullying.
  19. All equipment use must be age/weight appropriate and used in a proper manner.
  20. No climbing on bleachers.

In certain situations where a specific rule does not apply staff has full authority to make a decision that is in the best interest of the facility and patrons.

For a downloadable copy:  Rules of Conduct – SRC